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Okay, so… everyone’s all freaking out about the Megaserver idea… (maybe not EVERYONE, but still). I sort of stopped worrying at “12 characters” … so I rolled a Mechari on Caretaker to prepare for the MEGAing.

Meet Delhia. I will figure out more about her soon. She is cute.

She’s so adorable, and kinda looks like she’s offline!


so glad it’s sweater weather again…

A NSFW Boka blog? What is this xD

There are reasons I hide things, Kel.

You will never look at me the same way.



Website:Click here for further information!

Where: Envidra, NA RP-PvE

Who: EXILES, of the shady persuasion.

What: The Greysky Syndicate is a criminal oriented  guild focused on the story of a mafia family merged with a drug cartel within the Wildstar universe. The Guild is Exile side with a focus on character driven plots, public events, and mobster antics. The plots of the Guild will focus on exploring grey-area morality with a more structured criminal theme.

The members themselves started with long-standing WoW friends from a previous Guild with new friends slowly brought into the fold to ride the Wildstar hype train. FINALLY Launch is just a few days away with the lot of us chomping at the bit to get in and RPing. The Guild will launch with their first RP event Saturday, June 7th followed by a faction-wide public event in the coming weeks.

Because, hey, recruitment is still open despite looming mega server threat.

Anonymous whispered: I'll commision you if you draw lewd photos.

What kind of lewd? One person lewd is easy, while two person lewd is difficult, but possibly doable.
I feel the need to share my nsfw tumblr if you choose to undertake this task, but I don’t want to shout its url to my normal family-friendly following.

Somebody commission me so I can buy a pair of horns from TentaclesAndStardust and be a teifling.

Adding on to that ask:
I don’t RP on plots. I get involved in a lot of crossfaction stuff, and end up all over Nexus.

Anonymous whispered: Acording to one of my friends rp has fluorished in GW2 since the launch. Either way rp will still remain the same on Wildstar on the megaserver, largely on plots.

I.. play gw2. I’ve played since launch with some breaks here and there.
It’s changed a lot, with a huge learning curve to make RP work. The amount of RP events have plummeted because it’s so darn hard to get groups together. I’m in a personal guild with friends, not a huge RP guild, so it’s very difficult to find others.

I can deal with reeling back my anger towards megaservers to hope carbine will do something alright with it, but I’ve seen how much people in GW2 were frustrated by it, and how much -I- was frustrated by it when I played. Maybe they’ll go a different direction than, I will point out, other NCSoft games, but seriously, I got up early to sit at my computer for 4 hours while waiting for name reservations so I could get Absinthe and they want to force a surname on me so my name is less unique and it really bothers me.
That, and most Wildstar races don’t use surnames and it will just give me more lorebreaking names to cringe at.











Fucking Watch this you fucking jackasses. This is JonTron and his response to all the fucking bullshit everyone has been accusing him of. I get so fucking pissed off at all these posts pointing at him and screeching about how awful he is or some shit.

Fuck you. He outright admits he is fallible, and goes on to talk about this shit. He is not Femminist, he is Humanist, like I am. That means he wants equality for everyone regardless of any factor. But he thinks that some of these movements have gone too far off the deep end, which they have.

He’s a no-bullshit kind of guy, and all this stuff has been pretty bullshit for a while now. So, would you kindly stop posting shit about how he’s digging his own grave or how his career is ruined because someone misinterpreted what he meant.

I heard only a little about the whole JonTron drama that happened around but HOLY SHIT

What they just said is what i always wanted to say/write around about the internet and just didn’t know how to put it into words (in English at least). THIS is why i think Jon is super kawaii sugoi ˎ₍•ʚ•₎ˏ

nope he’s still a fuckhead

Equality doesn’t fucking work that way. If you don’t identify as a feminist you’re pretty douchey. “Humanist” is what people call themselves when they wanna continue to ignore actual facts, like Jon is.

I’m sorry, I actually got it wrong. It isn’t Humanist, it’s Egalitarianism. It’s what Jon used in the video, and the terms are kinda/sorta interchangable.

Egalitarianism is “ believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.”

So. If I’m a “douche” for wanting everyone to be treated equally and to have the same rights… Then what does that make Feminism, which is “the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.”? 
See, Egalitarianism encompasses Feminism when it says “All People.”
Feminism just focuses on Women.
Let me show you a quick diagram in case you’re confused.

Now, this is by no means COMPLETE, but you get the basic idea, hopefully.

I am not a Feminist. I am an Egalitarian(?). I believe ALL PEOPLE, Regardless of race, gender, religion, ancestry, disability, or any other factor deserve to be treated as an equal of anyone else.

So, again… If I’m being a douche for wanting equality for EVERYONE, what does that make you?

Because for everyone to be equal, you can’t just give everyone the same thing. Think about if you give the same portion of food to everyone, some people already have food, while some are starving.
Feminism is basically looking at people and going “Those guys have all the food, maybe they should give some to those girls who are starving” but Jon is saying “those dudes are starving too!” And pointing to a group of guys hiding their food so they get another portion.

That is a bastardization of the concept of equality. Equality is not a product that can be produced en masse and distributed. It isn’t a product.

Equality requires empathy, common sense, the understanding of each unique situation, communication, and so many other qualities.

Umm. Yeah. That’s what I’m saying. For equality to happen, people in the public eye need to put on their big boy pants and not undermine people pointing out actual injustices.

As much as I’d like to continue this conversation, I have a project I need to get to. I might pick this up later, though. And please don’t resort to Ad Hominem because I’m choosing to end it for now.

How was any of that ad hominem? I was talking about JonTron being a big baby about FeministFreq and pretending guys are as objectified as women are in videogames (which is a load of crap)
Half naked dudes in video games are a male power fantasy, not in any way appealing to women.