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Tiny Griffin! The first in a mini series of mini mythological creatures.



Dodger fanart— She faved one of my Strippin arts and I started getting into watching her play Long Live the Queen and make tables and vlog and explain the process of connecting to D’n’D dice and other geekery, zaniness, and games.

So, yeah, she’s a badass and <3.

EDIT: I forgot the “N” on her shirt. :< I may fix it at a later date or… just live with the crippling pressure of imperfection.

omg I LOVE this! Thank you! <3333

sly-shadeleaf said: Also tea~

Always tea.

I need to order more oolong.

Abs might have ear tufts now.


SO A MILESTONE HAPPENED, WOO~! Now I can do a free art giveaway.

From today until Tuesday, July 29th at 5:00 PM EST you can reblog/like this post for ‘entries’. Please be courteous to others and don’t spam reblog this.

The winner will be getting a full body picture of whatever character they wish akin to these pictures unless you want a chibi character, which I’ll also do. Doesn’t have to be a Wildstar character, or an OC either.

Must have already been a follower to enter~

Must have your ask box open so I can message you!

Go Sly!

Wildstar shaming courtesy of my sketchbook.

I want actual RP and leveling on Naraki but I want to always talk to my Grey’s.

Found some old lines from a while ago for a self portrait, I like to think I’ve improved a bit since then.. but this was like a year ago.





when u and ur friends all get online


I feel like I am the green (teal?) one here

we sentai now

i’m the red one

kim is the pink one

bitchfacemcgee on yellow

my homie emma on teal

homeboy aek on the blue one

Is this because I’m named after the pink power ranger.
Is it.

Anonymous whispered: Does this mean more cute taco videos too?