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I tend to hold people to the same standards I hold myself to.. and it’s starting to bother me and kinda drag down how I see people I guess?
Like, I put this much effort forward you could at least do half of that. While that is such an unrealistic way to go around.
I’m quiet and hypersensitive to the people around me and I try to have this tiny presence, so when people yell or walk like they own the sidewalk I really really hate it when in reality they aren’t trying to be rude, it’s just them.
Or even worse, when I try super hard to listen and seem interested in topics I’m not super interested in and I expect people to pretend to enjoy it when I talk. Like is one really more rude than the other?




a real romantic plot

what the fuck


This is from ‘Came Together’, an amazing movie starring Amy Pohler.
You love it more if you HATE shitty romcoms.


Today’s Gender of the Day is: A suspicious rat, trained to do reconnaissance


just a warm up!


fun date idea: pay for my tattoo

You guysssss ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ
Liking my selfy and shit.
Good friends.

This picture makes me look like an earless freak, but I really like how my hair came out, despite it not being very vibrant.
I’ve got this otherworldly green tint.


they’re coming back to teevee screens next week!

and this blog may become a part-time SH art blog again oops.

I have a mound of clothing on my bed I wanted to pack early but I don’t think it’s gonna fit in my two bags and I don’t wanna take up all the room in the pickup since I’m running on “Can you do me a favor?”s right now and I’m terrified of being annoying.