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Who is going to Otakon? Because Cyn and I are, and we might have CHARR HATS.

We might have only one. Because I don’t have that much fabric.

IF we have one, and you see us (On sunday we’ll try to wear charr hats, also there will be pictures of our cosplays on tumblr before the convention starts) ask us if we’re part of the warband, and if we have a hat YOU CAN HAS. FREE. COMPLETELY FREE.



I officially have 30 followers, and I am no longer on strong pain meds!

Yay for being a semi-functioning human being!

Here’s my plan:

Reblog this post for a free sketch of your character, add some kind of reference, whether it’s drawn, written, or a screenshot.

I’m taking 10 sketch requests, then I’m done.

Your request can be one sketch of a character


One icon request, fully colored and inked.

You don’t have to be following me, but if you take up a request spot and you aren’t, I’ll draw a little penis on your sketch.