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Doing a big picture for some old WoW friends, and I accidentally made my druid look like a matron showing off her “girls”.

I get to draw a draenei mage next c:

Edit: Added Lovey.

Front to back, left to right is: Cervidae, Cately, Lovey, Salyna

Tunis, I highly doubt Lark weighs all that much, this isn’t impressing anyone.

I’m drawing the main commanders of my guild, mostly because I just got a mug that lets me put my own designs on it.

This is Blahst, my friend Chris’ Mesmer. He has ridiculously complicated armor, much like Gaiste.

Another preview for my big Guild drawing. WHY DOES IT TAKE ME 20 MINUTES TO SKETCH BOKA.

It took like, 4 hours for Mars and Abyss.

A preview of a big picture I’m working on, of my guild sitting together in a clearing, setting up camp for the night.

This is Abyss and Mars, they’re mates, and they’re fucking adorable. Necro and engie, their players are dating, and are just as cute.